Vaping in Belfast – It’s Everywhere!

Everywhere you go now in Belfast, everyone seems to be Vaping.

It is safe to say that e-cigarettes have definitely taken off in Belfast.

It is no secret that using e-cigarettes is much safer than traditional smoking of tobacco and many people are advocates of using e-cigarettes vs smoking for this reason.

A question I have started asking myself is why this is becoming such a way of life (other’s words not mine). Is Vaping and using e-cigarettes in Belfast just a fad? Something that will pass in the wind? Probably not.

The vast array of e-cigarette suppliers selling vape pens, e-liquids, mod devices from big to small is huge – Belfast is really becoming the Vaping and e-cigarette hub of Ireland.

Even with the introduction of Keep er Vaped in this market there still seems to be plenty of room to grow for small businesses like ours.

If you look at the North there Vape shops popping up all over the place, from Carrickfergus and Bangor all the way to Derry. If you are looking for somewhere to Vape, Northern Ireland is definitely an easy way to find a place.

When we ask people in Belfast why they Vape – health benefits are the main reason along with the many different types of Vaping devices on offer and the vast array of e-liquids that can be bought.

Is it just a fad? We think not.

If you are asking the question – should I start Vaping like those in Belfast?

Then have a look at our Top 10 reasons below:

  1. Vaping is proven to be safer than smoking
  2. Your Health – no more carcinogens!
  3. Vaping a device is like smoking so you still mimic your previous habit making it easier to make the switch
  4. E-liquids are mainly natural ingredients
  5. Vaping is much cheaper than smoking
  6. No more disgusting smoky smells and stains on indoor walls
  7. You can still be social with those who still smoke (in work and in bars)
  8. You have lots of different e-liquid flavours
  9. You can reduce your nicotine intake gradually and quit nicotine all together
  10. You can still use cigarettes while vaping but just massively reduced

Keep er Vaped

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