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Could Vape Pens Be the Most Popular Vaporizer?

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Vape pens are increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways for smokers to quit smoking with thousands of people taking up vaping every week! Vape pens are becoming an easy, affordable, and effective way for many smokers to quit smoking and give traditional cigarettes the flick for good. Vape pens have a number of […]

Vaping in Belfast – It’s Everywhere!

Everywhere you go now in Belfast, everyone seems to be Vaping. It is safe to say that e-cigarettes have definitely taken off in Belfast. It is no secret that using e-cigarettes is much safer than traditional smoking of tobacco and many people are advocates of using e-cigarettes vs smoking for this reason. A question I […]

What is Vaping? E-cigarettes Explained

Interested in some info on Vaping? Take a look below 😉 Let’s talk about e-cigarettes for a second. E-cigarettes (used for vaping) are basically a battery device with an attachment containing an atomizer filled with flavoured e-liquid. The battery powers a coil in the attachment vapourizing the liquid allowing the user to inhale it. The […]