Keep er Vaped has been established to bring top quality e-cigarette and vaping solutions to our customers at the best price. This aim is still at the heart of everything we do, and our unwavering focus on the customer has made us strive towards being one of the best new online vape shops in the UK and Ireland.

Keep er Vaped’s product catalogue is constantly evolving, so every time you visit the site you should be able to find something new, whether it be cutting-edge vaping hardware or the latest e-liquid brand to hit the UK and Irish vape scene.

Keep er Vaped works closely with manufacturers from around the globe, designing e-cigarette kits to suit our customers’ needs and lifestyles. We offer hundreds of products tailored towards both beginners and more advanced users. We have everything you need to join the global e-cigarette community. In terms of function and reliability; we aim for the very best.

At Keep er Vaped we stock quality e-cigarettes and accessories from established reputable manufacturers both here in the UK, USA and in China. Our interest lies in building long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure quality, consistency and trust.

Why start Vaping?

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the UK and elsewhere in the world, and for those who already smoke they provide an opportunity to quit smoking, cut down, experiment with flavours other than tobacco, or simply provide a cleaner and satisfying alternative.

Public Health England and The Royal College Of Physicians have both issued a report to prove that vaping is definitely considered to be 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Although there were some early reported issues about safety, these were from first generation e-cigs that are no longer in use or as a result of using an incorrect charger meaning that, when used correctly, modern vape pens are safe to use.

You also save a fortune! Many of our customers tell us the first thing they notice when moving from smoking traditional cigarettes to Vaping and e-cigarettes is how much money they save.

So trust Keep er Vaped to keep you on the right track for all your vaping needs!